Children's Words is a ''NICHE'' product with 2400 words in 6 languages.


The booklets are offered as a basicversion with 32 pages in 6 languages and a alphabetical

classification in one language and an other alphabetical classification in an other language.


This head to tail version with double alphabetic classification in 2 languages

facilitates the use and memorisation.


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 French/ NederLands/ Dutch

 Available French / English


Images of first jacket pages


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Parole di Bambini

sei lingue



Generally speaking:

For the language classification we keep the Germanic (NL,DE,EN) and Latin (FR, IT, ES) language columns

together in order to better memorise the roots origines.


The head to tail presentation permits to search translations and to understand read or write words.


You shall be happy to understand 50% of our children's words !



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